Randy is an inmate at Deuel Vocational Institute (DVI), in Tracy. For Chapel or classes that he has taken with our teams, he always sits in the front row, first seat by the isle….as close as you can get to the pulpit. He is eager to learn more about God and grow in his faith. He is a delightful young man. Please listen to his story in his own words:

First time when I start walk with my Holy father, I was fifteen. I was always in churches all my life but never had a home church. I was trying to serve the Lord and make money by stealing and robbery to provide for my family. My dad wasn’t around and the only times he came around was when I was ten and thirteen years old. But I won’t let it bother me and my mother Cynthia. She is an inspiration to me by holding down the household ….four brothers plus me…that’s five kids. Who do you know who takes care of five young boys?AR-103270315

As mens, most mothers can’t do this….they become runaways and start using drugs. And they let their other kids go to group homes and get lost in the system. But my mother didn’t run away, she worked two jobs to keep a roof over over ours heads and clothes on our backs. She made sure we stayed in school. I made it past 6th grade and then eighth grade…but in high doing ninth grade in the middle of the year I drop out because I was liven the fast life…..And that didn’t go so real. I’m in prison now, this not a life for me. I be praying to God for a miracle to happen in my life and I start to think it won’t come “but” I was too blind and didn’t see too clear that God has been working in my life but I wans’t paying attention.

Jesus Christ is real … he was always around when I wasn’t paying attention at those signs he was throwing at me the whole time I was walking in darkness.