Dale, volunteer to Santa Rita Jail and San Quentin State prison shares his thoughts about being a volunteer:

Every volunteer visiting  prisons hopes that they will be the one who says the words that an inmate will remember and not come back to jail.  What a victory that would be.  We try to show them that there is power in the name, as the song goes, to break the chain of bad choices they are very inclined to make.

This is especially so at Santa Rita Jail where we know they are getting out eventually, probably even soon.  It makes the SRJ ministry especially exciting.

Sounds like there’s a lot of pressure on us, but there isn’t.  We trust that the Lord will give us the words to say, which He does.  Whether they resonate with the inmate is up to Him.  We just pray, talk, and try to be available.  The inmates that might remember what we say are out there to be reached.

Thank you, Dale, for sharing your heart for this ministry. If you would like to find out more about our Prison Ministry, you can contact Linda Lopes, Director of Prison Ministry at llopes@comediscovervcc.org.