We recently enjoyed the last session of a wonderful 8-week class entitled “The Anatomy of a Disciple.” I’ve attended each meeting without fail. Since I work full-time, it makes for a long day but it’s completely worth it. Every Monday I ate a super-delicious light dinner and received warm genuine greetings and hospitality from the hosts and other participants. We had many stimulating and challenging discussions and learned together how to be deeper, more fervent disciples of Christ. I was rejuvenated after attending each class and thankful for all the new connections I made with other folks.

Some of the food-for-thought, take-away nuggets that kept me returning and pondering Jesus’ definition of discipleship were:

  • God initiates. We respond.
  • To truly be a reflection of Christ, we must be willing to change from the inside out.
  • Relationships cause life change.
  • In community God begins to shape my life.
  • When we are called to something, it may not be easy.

Sometimes it’s tempting to isolate ourselves.  Certainly we need short periods of alone time to recharge; but for the most part God, who is relational, created us to be in community.  It’s where we show up and engage with other sisters and brothers in Christ and grow.  I highly recommend community life here at VCC. Whether it’s through a mid-size group like the one I participated in, or an even more intimate House Church setting, the Lord will use it to transform you. Take the risk…you won’t regret it!

– Donna Patrice Carvalho