A few weeks ago, one of our students, Easton Schwaegerle, completed his Eagle Scout project. His desire was to do something here at Valley Christian that would help make our campus better. After looking around, talking to pastors, and creating his plan, he set out to work on creating a great seating area. This area is on the back side of the WAPAC, and when you sit there you have a fabulous view of the valley. An unusable space just became a prime meeting location!

Here are a few pictures of Easton (and his crew) completing his project on the South Side of the WAPAC.

SM - Easton ES Proj6 SM - Easton ES Proj5 SM - Easton ES Proj4 SM - Easton ES Proj3 SM - Easton ES Proj2What’s crazy, is that may people don’t know who Easton is… well not REALLY. Easton is on the Sunday morning prayer team, is a Middle School small group leader for Wednesdays and Sundays, and he is one of our two Interns for the youth department. Without Easton, we wouldn’t be able to do the ministry we desire. Our goal of making sure each student is personally known wouldn’t be possible.

Now, Easton is working on his final steps of being an Eagle Scout – and this guy really does deserve it. He’s a kind, bold, and faithful leader. Next time you walk out back and enjoy the benches to look over the view, or have a study group… think of Easton.