Family Night

On November 18 from 6:30-8:30 PM, we will be having our quarterly Family night, but this time we’re doing it right!

Not that we haven’t done it right in the past, it’s just that this time we’re doing it even more right than before! I’m beyond excited for this event. If you are a parent, you are going to want to be there. The goal of this event is to strengthen 3 relationships: parent to parent, parent to student, and parent to small group leader. Throughout the night we have designed certain events to maximize the strengthening of those relationships. We will start the night off with what we call our “hang time.” During that time you will have the opportunity to grab a free espresso drink in our parent corner. This corner is designed for you to meet other parents and hopefully grow your relationship with them! Many of our youth leaders will be mingling with you as well. After that we will move onto our game time, which is something that we’ve never done before on Family night. Our game will be “PARENTS VS. STUDENTS” in a game of turkey bowling. Sound crazy? Well, youth group is a little crazy. Come be crazy with us. After the game we will head inside for about 30 minutes of student testimonies and worship. We will finish of the night by sending you with your student’s small group leaders for a special time to hang out with them and talk with them. This is an incredibly valuable opportunity that you have to meet the people who mentor your students on a weekly basis! You are free to ask them any questions. We want to partner with you and we want to be a resource for you in the raising of your child in the ways of Christ.

As I have been working with parents the last few years, I have realized that what parents want is a partner.  I was just telling someone recently that as a pastor, one of my jobs is to bring as many healthy voices into my student’s lives as I can. These people offer the same message that I preach, but the more people I have preaching them same message through different approaches the better. I have so many other pastor friends that students need to hear from. Offering students the same message from multiple directions is often the best approach in helping students grow. We want to be another healthy voice in your child’s life that resonates the lessons that you are already teaching them at home. We want to support what you are already doing. Let me illustrate this principle using one example. Last February we did a series on dating.  After that series was finished, I had a young lady come up to me and say “Pastor Anthony, my parents have been telling me that same stuff about dating and before I thought they were just being crazy.” That day she told me that I was just preaching what her parents had preached to her her whole life, but because it was the same message coming from a different direction she believed it.  That right there is what we are all about.

Family Night will be a fantastic event and I promise you, it will be something that benefits you and your whole family.  You will gain some partners that can be a huge resource for you. Here’s a link to our awesome promo video for more information.


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