On Saturday, November 14, hundreds of people ascended to Valley Christian Center to find freedom through Cleansing Steam Ministry and the awesome power of prayer. Two of our House Churches (small groups) attended the retreat and shared some thoughts about their experience…

“I learned so much about the power and authority we have in God’s word to close the door to the enemy in ‘specific’ ways and to seal that door shut with the blood of Jesus. I will continue to speak deliverance over rejection, generational curses and the toxic ties that have held me captive. PRAISE THE LORD!”

“I was released from rejection, feelings of shame and unworthiness, thanks to the women who prayed for me. It was such a relief to let go of those wounds and no longer be afraid of the accuser. I now know how to take authority over those lies. I AM FREE!”

“Before the retreat God gave me questions He wanted me to answer about myself and some things He wanted me to learn, change and leave behind. At the event He revealed the ‘true’ view of events in my life from His heavenly perspective. He removed strongholds that led me to problems and grief. HIS TRUTH SET ME FREE!”

“Cleansing Stream brought me closer to God our Father. The retreat didn’t disappoint! Burdens were lifted in a gentle, loving fashion. WHAT AMAZING FREEDOM!”

“Cleansing Stream helped me get closer to God and reminded me that I should lean more on Him than on myself. I was able to put behind certain hurts and sins from the past. TOTALLY LIBERATED!”

“I was blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit from the moment I entered the room and was amazed at the love exhibited by the prayer teams. Such a powerful event! FOR ME IT WAS A NEW REVIVAL!”

If you missed this event, don’t worry! We’ll be hosting it again in April 2016. Watch the website for details or contact Tawni Garcia for more information: (925) 560-6215 | tgarcia@comediscovervcc.org