Seyed’s Story:

For the last few years, I have been serving with VCC’s Prison Ministry and going into Santa Rita Jail.  I have been blessed more that I can explain.

At first it was a little uncomfortable. George, another volunteer, and I would go into a pod at the Jail, or team up with Latino brothers and go to Chapel. George would start welcoming the inmates and we’d sing a few songs and share scripture with them.  At the close of the meeting we would invite anyone who wants to pray and receive the Lord as his Savior and almost everyone raises their hand.

One Sunday I went to minister but found out that I would be by myself and the Chaplin wanted me to go to chapel. This would be the first time for me all by myself. None of the other brothers could make it. I knew God was with me; so I prayed and asked God to help me. We sang songs and I delivered the message of the Gospel. There were 44 inmates in the chapel that night. We prayed to receive salvation. It was a great night – I was blessed.

The feedback I get from the audience is always positive: “Can you come back again?”

Another time, George and I went into the prison but due to security reasons, we were not allowed to get in. As we walked up the stairs, we saw two men standing at the main door. They looked very distraught. We said “Hi” and asked if we could pray for them. We spoke words of faith and recited a few scriptures and prayed.

hqdefaultAs we left the jail, we knew our purpose that day was to pray for those two men.

Our God is an awesome God. He loves and cares for everyone.

I have learned to trust Him no matter the circumstance. God always comes through. It has been an awesome opportunity for me to serve in Prison Ministry.