Worship was what drew Paul and Natasha to each other when they first met, and it has remained an integral part of this couple’s life. Today, they feel honored to serve on the VCC worship band.

Paul and Natasha grew up with music. Paul discovered his love for singing during early childhood. Growing up, he frequently sang in churches, community events, choirs, and competitions with his brother, and after college he spent some time in the Latin music industry.

Similarly, Natasha began playing the piano as a young girl. Throughout the next several years, she played in worship teams, recitals, competitions, and she then went on to study music in college and teach piano. Their musical background provided a strong foundation in technique and teamwork, but it was their involvement with music ministry that really made them feel that they were doing what they were created to do.

In 2010, Paul and Natasha met at a church plant in Berkeley. Natasha was a graduate student at UC Berkeley and had joined the church plant in 2009, and in 2010 Paul heard about the church plant and decided he wanted to serve there. It was perfect timing, because the church had just started to put together the worship team. They quickly became co-leaders of the worship ministry, and soon they realized that they made a pretty good team, not just in music but also in life. By 2013, they were married and continued to minister to others through music. Although they have their day jobs–Paul is a tax accountant and Natasha is a school psychologist–worship remains at the core of their life.

The Limones arrived at Valley Christian Center in early 2015. The first Sunday that they attended, they looked at each other and said, “This is home.” It has been a joy and a blessing to find a community of believers that offer friendship, accountability, and encouragement. Their hope now is to serve the body of Christ and to use music to lead others into God’s presence.