God likes Starbucks. Hold on. I am not saying that He likes the wavy-haired green siren, the smell of La Boulange crusty croissants or even Pumpkin Spice Latte’s. I’m not even sure that Howard Schulz would say that he likes God. What I have found over the past decade is that God likes the PEOPLE at Starbucks – the patrons, the baristas, the store managers, even the small time CEO’s that use the Seattle chain as a make shift workplace. And why shouldn’t they? Complimentary re-fills on drip drinks, great music, free wi-fi and no rent! Every third Saturday I join with an eclectic group of friends (we call ourselves the Bay Area Dream Team) at a local coffee shop to discuss dreams, talk about God, and engage people in spiritual conversations. We recently had a beautiful encounter with a young barista at the Starbucks on Mowry in Fremont. She shared a re-occurring dream, which revealed she was trying to make her own way in life by ignoring God’s direction and perfect plan for her. As the team began to speak prophetically into her, you could see tears begin to roll down her face. One by one, someone shared a verse, a word of wisdom, or called out the treasure in this young 20-something. In the middle of her afternoon shift, young Katey was reconnected with the God of her youth. God likes Starbucks.