There are so many incredible things that God is doing in all areas of our Prison Ministry. Check it out:

  • VCC recently hosted a Domestic Violence Awareness Event. Tracy, one of our speakers, had just been released from prison after 21 years. She shared a heart wrenching testimony and finished with her children and grandchildren surrounding her in support. She had been out for one month. She had to borrow gas money to come from the Sacramento area. We heard just a few days before the event about the lack of money for even gas, and that she didn’t even have many clothes to wear. So guess what God did: after the email went out to our teams there was nearly $300 in cash, a $150 gift card to Burlington Coat factory and The Well sent a box of nice clothes…just the right size. God is always putting us in just the right size!
  • When Rachel Webb and I went into Juvenile Justice Center to get our final badge so that we could start going in…we were told…no more badges…..but the person in charge took heart and said “Come on, let’s make these badges…and Pastor Jimi will get his soon, too.” A door that looked like it was closing up……God stuck His foot in the door…..and it will remain open for a bit, I believe, until God gets all of our team in!
  • When I was teaching the class of about 80 men at DVI (men’s prison in Tracy) on Tuesday, at one point I asked for those that believed that God would help them change into the men God wanted them to be to stand up….ALL but 2 men stood up, so I said “Everyone should be standing,” but those two remained seated with a cold stare at me. I just said, “Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, He loves you and will still help you.”  A little bit later, some men were standing and giving testimonies to what God was doing for them. One of the two men who had remained sitting before stood up to speak. He looked like an x-gang member and said, “I’m only here because we only get out of our cell 1 hour a day, and I just wanted to get out. I’m not going to lie I’m still sinning and I’m not sure that I want to change. I don’t know where I stand with God, I’m just being honest.”  So, I complemented him on his honesty and told him I was proud of that and was delighted that he came to spend that “hour” with us. And all 80 plus men applauded him. He got a giant smile and sat down. Later, after more testimonies and a lot of prayers, I looked over and saw him looking totally humbled with tears in his eyes. God touched his heart and gave him tears!  I think he’ll be back.
  • God did some more miracles in our Voice Outside The Walls last week. He …………Oh sorry, you’ll have to wait until next week to see Sheila Turbintons report on that meeting. Awesome!!