I have to go on a rant. Not a Facebook political rant, or a rant about an injustice of the world. A thankfulness rant.

MEAL TRAIN: A system where people sign up to bring meals for an extended period of time to people who need it.
See also: Gift from God in Heaven.

Before I had my first child, I had participated in exactly one meal train. I had never been in a situation where I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t plan or eat dinner on my own…

Enter: first baby.

To the amazing men and women who dropped of food for 5 straight weeks (or ordered us stuff from Door Dash) … your gifts sustained us. I had a difficult time recovering, and our baby had some health needs right when he was born. I wasn’t leaving the house, let alone getting groceries and cooking after Anthony went back to work. To sit around our home exhausted and surrounded by burp cloths, coffee mugs, blankets and SO MUCH LAUNDRY and know that at least we didn’t have to think about dinner was the biggest blessing.

Since having my baby, I’ve set up a meal train for a friend AND delivered a huge home cooked meal to another friend after her baby was born. This meal lasted her family of 5 three nights… I was not playing around. The small kindness of meeting a physical need for someone was something I overlooked in the past, and never will again!

Let me encourage you people who are healthy and doing fine and can meal prep, and cook, and think about things like “what’s for dinner”.
Anytime a person has a baby, bring them food.
Anytime a person has surgery, bring them food.
Anytime a person has a hard week, bring them food.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, or your specialty. Honestly, casseroles are DELICIOUS.

Rant, over. My tummy is full.


I have been married to my husband, Anthony, since 2013. We have one child, born in 2018! I graduated from Northwest University with a BA in General Ministries. I worked in church administration for 2 years prior to being hired at Valley Christian, where I worked in Admissions, HR, and Youth Ministry before my current position.

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