At VCC KidMin, we have a list of 12 things that we want every one of our kids to practice by the end of the year. We believe that these 12 things are essential when pursuing a sustainable relationship with God. Without them, we really never meet the full potential of our destiny in Him.

The first of these 12 essentials is “Knowing the Bible.” The Bible is the main way that we learn about God, hear about God, and discern what God will is for our lives. That is why KidMin is devoting January to the learning of how to use and read the Big God Story.

This month we ask that you remind your kids to start reading their Bibles on a daily basis and to start bringing it with them on Sunday mornings; we will teach them the basics of using it.

For any child who might not own a Bible, starting February 1st, we will be selling the Kids Fire Bible and prayer journal bundle for $25.00 during KidMin. Both items will become essential parts of our lesson, small group time, and your child’s faith. If you would prefer to bring your own, please make sure that it is a full Bible, not a New Testament or picture Bible. English Standard Version or New International Version is preferred (but not necessary).

If you have any questions about VCC KidMin, our curriculum, or about knowing the Bible, feel free to contact us at

Your friends,
Christian S. Merrell and the KidMin Team