Yesterday the Chaplain at D.V.I men’s prison in Tracy asked me to come teach a class for the Protective custody guys….about 100 of them.  They were expecting to watch a movie of some sort but God had put this lesson on my heart to teach:  Our Relationship with God. I started by showing a DVD from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church called Miracle of Hope. The focus is some of the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir singing at Angola State Prison with about 6 inmates sharing their testimonies. It is a powerful presentation. After the movie, I asked the men to share their God stories and 7 men popped right up to share what God had already done for them. You could feel God’s presence and excitement in the room; I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to do a salvation invitation. Guess what? About 8 men stood right up to pray to receive Jesus. Now you must understand, this group of men are ex-gang members, serial rapists, molesters or have other issues that would not allow them to be in the general population. They are not used to standing out in any arena. They stood up proudly, and then they asked if they could be baptized right then…right now.

I asked the Chaplain and she said she’d do it. She came walking up to the front of the Chapel with a cup and a bottle of water in her hand and started baptizing the men…dousing them on the head. I had gone to the back of the Chapel to fill out the Baptismal certificates and when I looked up there were about 30 men in line. Each man got baptized and then waited in line for their certificates. One man asked for a 2nd one to show his wife because “she won’t believe this.” Some of the toughest, scariest guys were saying, “I feel different” or standing and not afraid of the tears that were pouring down their faces.

It was a beautiful sight of God in action! Praise and honor to a merciful God!

Please keep praying for the men and women on the “inside” – they are hungry for God!