Several of our team members are currently getting the clearance to go into Juvenile Justice Center in San Leandro.  Please pray that all of our team, Pastor Jimi, Rachel Webb, and myself can get the final parts completed so that we can all go in together.

This is a crucial part of Prison Ministry….the youth! As we walked through the facility we saw the kids in their cells. We saw where they have classes everyday and where when they are allowed get outside to play Basketball.

The crimes that many of these kids have committed are big. We heard that 3 thirteen year olds are being held for murder. So they have a maximum security level for the kids. We saw one eleven year old who was barely able to see out the small window in his door. The faces of the kids we saw will stick in our hearts. These are God’s children and He loves and cares greatly for them.

The staff and workers all have a wonderful heart and attitude for the kids so that is a huge blessing from God. They do everything possible to help, redirect and love these kids.

So, would you be in prayer for this ministry? Pray for our team, along with other Christian Ministry teams, to get in. Please pray that the “open door” for volunteers to get in isn’t closing. As Rachel and I went in the other day to get our final badge done, we were told that they weren’t going to be doing this anymore. Which means that the door is closing for a while. We need to pray Pastor Jimi in