Walk into the Student Center on the second Sunday of the month and you’ll find students painting, dancing, building, singing, studying, and learning. Every Studio Sunday, we take a break from the regular routine, and bring in experts who can teach our kids truly amazing skills.

On Sunday, October 11, Dance Instructor Chardaé Henderson taught our students how to choreograph worship songs and how to use flags. Architect Wolfgang Horn taught our students about urbanism and led them to create to-scale city landscapes. Vickie Condie helped our aspiring painters create beautiful works of art through acrylic and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

VCC KidMin believes that God has given gifts and talents to our students in order to make His name famous and to edify the church. What better place to master these gifts than at church on Sunday morning; our students might just be the Davids, Bezalels, and Oholiabs of tomorrow.

Some of our previous studios have included the creation of prayer journals, learning how to lead worship, and even teamwork. Although these have been incredible and effective, I am left wondering if God has wanted more. I dream of the day when students can walk in on a Sunday morning and find an answer to every question they’ve asked God that week. What if our kids who are learning evolution in school could attend a studio on Creation Science? What if our kids who have dealt with fear and abuse could attend a studio on healing and the Father’s love? What if our kids who dream every night could attend a studio on interpreting God’s voice through biblical symbolism and parabolic metaphors?

What if…

Samuel was learning how to care for the temple from the time he was weaned, and began to prophesy at twelve. What if we had the knowledge of God that we do now as five, six, or seven-year-olds? How many pitfalls would we have avoided; how much closer would we be to God as an adult?

Studio Sundays occur on the second Sunday of the month, and I ask that our experts teach three times over the course of three months. That is only once a month – minimal investment with the potential of lifelong impact. If you have a gift, talent, or passion that the Holy Spirit is prompting you to teach the youngest members of the VCC Family, please let me know!

Your Friend and VCC Family Ministry Associate
Christian S. Merrell