We have designed our children’s services so where our goal is to foster and develop each child into who God has created then to be.

Did you know that every child was created in the image of God? Well, we do! That is why our children’s services are designed with this goal in mind: to foster and develop each child into who God has created them to be.

One way we do this is by training up little disciples that know God’s word. We want each child to see their value and use the gifts God has given them. Our service design allows each child to build a relationship with their small group leader weekly. Just think…if your child commits their life to Christ at a young age their lives will forever be changed.

Our Services

Valley Christian Center

Nursery – Kindergarten


10:00 AM

1st – 5th Grades


10:00 AM

Our goal is to provide a safe nurturing environment for each child so that you feel safe entrusting us with your children.

Nursery to Preschool

We have the BABY/TODDLER room where your child will be sang to, rocked and have lots of activities to engage in; a TWO-YEAR OLDS room where your children will begin to learn scripture songs and how to pray at a young age; and we have two PRESCHOOL classrooms that offer creative ways for your child to learn the scriptures and Bible stories.

Elementary 1st – 5th

Grades 1st – 5th meet in the Student Center, just across the patio from the main sanctuary. A normal Sunday includes small groups, worship, a lesson, a response time, and games. On Intersection Sundays, families go to church together in the main Sanctuary as a family. Activity bags will be provided for the children to use during service.

CityBlast Day Camp

CityBlast takes VBS outside the walls of our churches to reach kids in the Tri-Valley community at a low cost. Since 2014, we have served children from a number of cities, schools, communities and churches.