Partnering With Us

If you are currently serving in one of the four quadrants listed and interested in learning how we can partner in the future, please take a moment fill out our application. Once completed, please email the attached application to

Missionary Application

At Valley Christian, we feel the call by God to join Him in His global endeavor by being intentional in whom we partner with and how we partner with them. Being both intentional and relational are core values for our Global Missions Department. Below is our philosophy that explains the way we will partner with the missionaries and their sending agencies in the endeavor to spread the message and compassion of Jesus Christ around the world.

Our intentional focus:

1. 1% – We believe that everyone has the right to hear the gospel one time before someone hears it twice. As such, we will partner with missionaries that are reaching people in countries that have less than 1% Christian population. (Proclamation)

2. Training Centers – We will partner with those who are training indigenous ministry leaders that will eventually plant churches. (Proclamation)

3. H2O – We will partner with those who are bringing clean water, one of the greatest basic needs to people who don’t have access to it. (Compassion)

4. Vulnerable Children – We will partner with those who are providing care for children who have no one else to care for them, due to various circumstances. (Compassion)

Current Missionaries