I took LifeScript chapter 4 this past month. It was my first time *gasp*!

In my defense, I’ve always been teaching or running the event so I had never made it into this class before! Chapter 4 is all about sharing your testimony, or the story of how God changed you. It’s all about how to talk to people about God and equips you for sharing your faith. Kevin McGuire taught the class this last session and challenged us all to write and memorize our stories so that we could tell it to anyone when the time came. He asked us to come up with 100 word versions, 2 minute versions, 5 minute version, and a 10 minute version.

I realized while taking this class that although I’ve preached, taught, and talked about what God is doing in my life in the moment, I haven’t really put my “testimony” into concise words before. Before this class I didn’t think that was an issue. Now, I realize that if I can’t quickly talk about what God has specifically done for me and how He has changed me, I’m not being an effective witness to those I talk to.

As I wrote out my 10 word testimony, I really had to narrow my focus. It was so powerful that I wanted to write about it and share my experience. I thought about who I am inside…. the REAL Laura, the inner flesh, the honest temptations, the sin nature of Laura. Who is that person and what has God changed inside of me? I was raised in a Christian home so pinpointing this was difficult for me. But after some time I was able to put some words to my testimony. I want to share those words with you. Know that these words are not used flippantly — but they really are me and I am so thankful to God for how He has changed me.

THEN: Insecure and constantly comparing myself or worrying about what others think of me
NOW: Filled with the Holy Spirit and made BOLD and courageous to stand up for what is right no matter what.
THEN: Quiet, feeling I couldn’t be myself because I wasn’t lovable.
NOW: I KNOW I am loved and I am an includer willing to reach out and bring the “unloved” one to the inner circle.
THEN: A fearful saver – constantly hoarding money for the unforeseen future disasters or material desires.
NOW: (Most recent transformation) I am a joyful, generous giver who can’t wait to use God’s money to bless someone so that He might be praised. I am full of faith and confident that my God will take care of my future.

I encourage you to spend time thinking and writing your testimony. That’s step one. The second step is sharing that testimony – I shared mine in youth group and on Social Media. I encourage you to do the same and to get creative! After all, your testimony is your weapon against the enemy’s lies that no one else has. Sharpen that sword!


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