The Bible is full of small moments that have a big effect.
Paul and Barnabus travels change the world.
A few friends lower their paralyzed friend to Jesus.
Moses prays while Joshua leads the armies.
A business woman, executioner and fortune teller start a church in Philippi.
The Bible teaches us that there is POWER in small settings.
“When two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20)
“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 3:12)
It is not happenstance that there are 59 “one another” or small setting verses in the Bible.
In small settings, we often learn the Bible better than we can in a large one.
In small settings, church feels more like a family.
In small settings, prayer is more meaningful.
In small settings, people are there to help you handle the pressures of life.
In small settings, sharing Christ is natural and conversational.
In small settings, you take more risks and grow more.
In small settings, worship takes an intimate and authentic tone.
This year I want everyone at Valley Christian to Think Small.
Our world tells us BIGGER is better. I disagree.
Bigger is NOT better for developing relationships.
Bigger is NOT better for open and clear communication.
Bigger is NOT better for taking risks and growing.
Bigger is NOT better when I need help feeling shame and stuck.
I find it interested that the closer Jesus got to the cross, the small the crowds became.
In 2018, we want everyone to find church outside of Sunday.
No, we are not replacing the Corporate Worship experience. Rather, we are trying to help people find meaningful connection.
Think Small and find Big Results…