Most churches have some sort of small group ministry that contends for your time and the church’s precious resources.  At VCC, we’ve made the decision to become a church OF small groups, not one WITH small groups. Our House Church movement is intentionally becoming the center of activity, care and spiritual growth for the people of Valley Christian Center and beyond (because we also invite family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers that don’t even go to VCC to join in).

Now this kind of change doesn’t just happen over night. It takes time to turn a historic ship like this one. Events and activities that were prominent and successful previously have come to a dignified end to make way for this more intimate form of community. We have assessed all that we do through this lens, trying to figure out which pieces of the puzzle fit and which ones don’t. This doesn’t mean that everything goes away. We are still hosting certain classes, activities and events from time to time. What it does mean is that we are prioritizing our efforts down to two main fronts where community life is concerned: 1) our weekend service, and 2) House Churches.

So when a guest walks into church and asks, “How do I get plugged in?”, the answer is: “House Church.”

When a member wants to start a ministry at VCC, the best place to begin is: “House Church.”

When one of our seniors can’t fix their broken fence, or needs help with a plumbing problem, we hope a “House Church” will adopt both them and their need.

When a small group member has a baby or is hospitalized, it’s their “House Church” that organizes meals, prays for them and makes regular visits to the hospital.

House Churches are the ideal setting for spiritual growth, genuine community and biblical discipleship. This is where we’re going as a church – that is, a church OF small groups, not merely a church WITH them.