Our string was red and white. When I first saw the string I thought, “It’s not white. It’s red and white. That’s not what the book said to do.” That was my have-to-go-by-the-book mind. You all know it by the name of “religion,” or rules and regulations that need to be obeyed like the Pharisees and the Sadducee’s.

Then the Holy Spirit showed up and brought these words of wisdom: “What a genius that person was to have the string tell the Salvation Story! Red is a reminder that we’re under the blood of Jesus and white reminds us that we’ve been made in the righteousness of God…again, again, and again.”

The Holy Spirit then brought me back from the rabbit trail we were on to the purpose of the Freeway book and the string – to find freedom from the past and embrace a new future. I can’t change my past, but I have a friend who can. That friend is Jesus! Through His blood, all my sins are wiped away…that really means ALL, not just some of them.

Jesus said, “Your sins are buried in the sea of forgetfulness to be remembered no more.” But we treat them more like buried treasure where we can go back to them and dig them up. “X” marks the spot of our “unforgivable” sins. We all have an “X” spot on our treasure box.

The Holy Spirit said to me, “The next time you make that journey back to your treasure box of the past, you’ll see it with new eyes. When you open the box and look in, you will see that the blood of Jesus has filled it and cleansed it and that box is now empty. No one goes back to an empty box.” For Jesus said, “I have not come to condemn the world, but to give life more abundantly. I have set the captives free.”

Now go and enjoy your life of freedom from the past and remember it no more!