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In his book, Be Our Guest, Theodore Kinni, discloses the secret sauce of the Disney corporation. GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO WALT DISNEY HIMSELF, KINNI SHOWS HOW EACH DECISION OF THE DISNEY ORGANIZATION COMES BACK TO A SIMPLE THREE WORD MISSION STATEMENT: “WE CREATE HAPPINESS.” Each Disney movie and television show, theme park and cruise line, video game and Broadway show finds its origin and success in these three words.

As I read Kinni’s book on how Disney operates its colossal entertainment empire, I could not help but ponder and pray about what three word mission statement I would write for Valley Christian. The chief task of any leader is to choose a course. Like a captain on the seas, someone must choose a destination and then rally the crew to get people there. As soon as I asked myself the question, the answer leapt in my spirit. It was obvious to me, and I hope it is obvious to you.


Mission statements – when done right – are meant to define success and streamline activity. WITH THE LIMITED ENERGY AND RESOURCES AFFORDED US, WE AIM TO MAXIMIZE OUR RESULTS BY FOCUSING ON CITY-REACHING ACTIVITIES. Because of this, you may not find our church configured like many other churches.  We aim to reach cities and believe the plan before you will help us accomplish these goals. Rather than focus on services and programs in the church, we focus on people far from God in our cities. We pray your emotions will bubble up with enthusiasm and say, “This is what church is supposed to be…how do I get involved?”



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