What would someone who is serving 2 life sentences at San Quentin prison have to say to us at VCC about Christmas? Well, here it is, in his own words:

God loves you. It is my wish that you all have a very special Christmas with your church members as well as your family. God is blessing me with some gifts for me to open on Christmas morning: a bag of chips, Rudy Bars, a soup, and a pack of cookies. I will wrap them up soon and open them on Christmas morning. But in no way will I forget the true meaning of Christmas. The gift no one can out do, God the Father gave us God the Son.

Thank you for the prayers you have sent up to God for me this past year. But I have one last prayer request for this year: for the past couple of weeks, I have been down in the spirit, and the following is why:  it is the time of year to be with family. Because of my actions, the past 25 Christmas’s, I have been away from my family; even though I live in a Housing Unit that holds up to 700 people and the whole prison has over 3000 people in it, I am so lonely. I miss my family, and also this year I have lost 4 family members – 2 aunts, 1 uncle and my brother, Paul died. As selfish as this sounds, I am not going to get a Christmas card from him this year, and I have done all my siblings and both parents so much wrong during their lives.

Please, each and every one of you, enjoy your family this Christmas, even if you are upset with them…. Because you don’t know when they won’t be there any more. And kids….please be nice, helpful and kind to your parents, because only God knows if you will have them tomorrow. Love them while you still have them. Please forgive me for my whining but prayer does help.

Thank you.

God Bless,
Pete Rooke
San Quentin Prison