Upcoming: Parent-Teen Podcast

Keep your eyes peeled! Coming soon to iTunes is a Podcast produced right here in the Valley Christian Youth Department.

The Tri-Valley Parent-Teen podcast is all about bringing professionals into your home, on your time. We know families are busy, and lots of time is spent in the carpool line. We also know that parents want to have healthy families NOW – not waiting until their kids are adults. These 35 minute episodes are easy to stream on any device, any where. This podcast is just one part of our dream to build healthy families.

Another part we are excited to announce is that once a month we have scheduled experts on certain topics to come present and speak to parents of the Tri-Valley. These topics are based around family dynamics, addiction, education, transitions, counseling, psychology, sexual purity, and technology. We hope to interview each speaker through our podcast before they present in person each month.

Upcoming Parent Night:
Speaker Amethyst Thomas
January 12,  5:00-7:00pm
Topic – Parenting in a Digital Age Part 2 Workshop


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Connections and Student Ministries Pastor at Valley Christian Center.

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