The gangs, “Bloods” and “Crips” ….deadly enemies in the Chapel at the same time.
Is that possible?  What would God do with this development? Can He do anything? crips
Well, take a look at what happened at DVI during one of the classes I was teaching. During the teaching time, I always ask the men to share their stories or heart. So a young man, Jack, with a thick scar that ran literally from one ear along the hairline to the other ear…came up to the microphone and announced, “I’m a Blood and I was shot in the head twice; but now I’m trying to do the right things with God.” He talked about giving his 12 year old brother a gun…who went straight out and shot and killed someone and was now looking at 25 years to life. Jack felt responsible for what his brother had done. Then he mentioned his cousin, who was there in the room, and who was a member of the Crips…..a rival, enemy gang. He said he was praying for him. At the end of the session, I have been doing a salvation invitation and no one stood up, so I was moving on when Jack comes running up the isle and says, “I want to do what you just said.” He motioned for his cousin to come up, too. Both of them, standing with their arms around each other, a Blood and a Crip, accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!  We baptized them on the spot; they cried and with loud voices yelled, “Thank you, Jesus!”

Now what about “Pepper”…… What does God think and do about Pepper?
During one of the Sunday services, I met a man who looked exactly like a women who was doing a lot of talking to others as I was doing the service. So I asked him several times to stop and finally said he’d have to leave if he didn’t stop talking.  I went up to him after the service and said I wanted him to be there but it was a matter of respect. He agreed and came back the following Tuesday to the class I was teaching. He told me up front that he was not going to talk or cause any problem and I told him I was glad he came back. When the class was nearly over, I asked if anyone else had anything to share and my eyes fell on that man…..and I said, “I know you have something you want to say.” As he came up to the microphone to shouts of “Pepper, Pepper….go Pepper….oh Pepper,” I seriously wondered what I had just set myself up for! Pepper takes the microphone and says slowly in a loud, firm voice, “My name is Chris, and I have been celibate for 3 months and I am trying to walk with Jesus and do the right thing!” Praise God….so I prayed over him that he would be the man that God had created him to be and that the other godly men would walk alongside and help him.

That’s what God does……He turns Pepper into Chris!