I want to thank you for the powerful prayers you prayed at church on Sunday, June 14, because God and the Holy Spirit were there in explosive, powerful ways. Your prayers are a vital, necessary part of this ministry.

Last week, you prayed for the four services at Deuel Vocational Institute (men’s prison in Tracy).  There were over 100 men in each of the services. They were packed in tight.

The week before this, there had been a fight in the Protestant Chapel and the Chaplain was verbally attacked and accused of working for satan. There were lots of problems and custody had its eye on the Protestant Chapel thinking that the Chaplain was unable to handle problems there. This was all totally untrue and a cheap lie from the enemy to stop the amazing work that God has been doing in that Chapel.

So when the custody officers brought the men into the Chapel on this Sunday, they were watching and checking…and they kept checking only to see men sitting peaceably and calling out the name of Jesus.

At the end of each service, I gave a salvation invitation and a total of 34 men accepted Jesus for the very first time and about 300 men recommitted their lives to Jesus. Then, since many of the men requested to be chipped coffee mugbaptized, we baptized 37 men from the broken coffee cup. Now there is a baptismal pool in a little courtyard right off of the Chapel, but the key has been lost so that no one can get out there to use it. Therefore, the Chaplain uses the “coffee cup” until the pool is open again. But you wouldn’t know that the men were baptized with just a cup of water….it seems to multiply and drench the men in Holy Spirit water every time. They cry, laugh and just stand speechless…touched by the hand of God.

So, again, I thank you for praying for this ministry. We need every prayer.