th-3DVI was once referred to as “Gladiator School” by both inmates and prison staff because of its reputation for violence and homicide. But as of late, it is taking on a new identity as hundreds of men gather each week to worship God, study the Word, and partake of this adventure that we call the Christian Life.

Valley Christian Center kicked off its inaugural Chapel at Deuel Vocational Institute in Tracy Sunday night  April 12th, 2015. The Fantastic Four – Linda Lopes, Sonia Patron, Phil Deys, and Pastor Jimi  – brought forth personal testimonies, laid hands on men and prayed, and through the preaching of the Word, encouraged the men to forgive those who have harmed them. It was a beautiful sight to see these Christian brothers of ours stand up one after one and say; “God, I forgive__________ for ___________. I release them now and ask that you would bless them! “ We led them in the symbolic lifting of the guilt, shame, and condemnation that they had been carrying on their backs from their abusers, and helped them to lay the heaviness down at the foot of the Cross. As the men rushed forward for prayer at the conclusion of the Chapel Service, a young man named Dejohn wept in my arms (P. Jimi) as he came to know Jesus as his Savior. It was a beautiful evening, and a beautiful beginning at DVI for this young Prison Ministry Team.

If you are interested in how you may become part of the VCC Prison Ministry Team, please contact Linda Lopes our Director of Prison Ministry at: