Recently I was in DVI Men’s Prison in Tracy. This was just one week from the shootings of the Police following the shootings of the African American men.

I was in the Chapel, teaching a class to the Reception Center Men. There were about 70 in attendance and the lesson was on communication. We were discussing the different ways we communicate: verbally, with body language, facial expressions etc……all of a sudden my attention was focused on the fact that all the men sitting on the right side of the room were white and across the aisle on the other side were all the men of color. So, I pointed this out and asked, “What is this communicating?” The answers were pretty much the same: dislike, distrust, segregation, hate and so on.

Since the group is primarily believers in Jesus Christ, I suggested that our response to each other should be different. I then proposed that the next week when they came into the Chapel that they “mix it up.”

Then, God stepped in: four young African American men stood up and walked over to the “white side” and split up and sat among the white men. They all shook hands, and then several of the white men traveled to the other side and did the same…. which started several others from both sides transferring. It all ended with them shaking hands and exchanging positive words to each other. This all happened in under one minute.     black white

This is what God wants to do….one man/woman at a time. What I saw happening on the “inside” is what God wants to also see on the outside as well.

I sure felt proud of those men at DVI who were not afraid to stand, walk and change the way things are done….one man at a time!

Thank you, Lord Jesus!