When we go into San Quentin, H Unit, we are not in the regular Chapel but down in the interior of the Prison in a room part of buildings that surround a barren exercise yard.  Here’s a report from Rachel Webb when she went into San Quentin H Unit for her first time:

The first and only time I went to San Quentin was Sunday morning in March of this year. I went with Linda Lopes and Dale Silva. I saw how God literally opened the door for us to get in.  Between the three of us, Linda was the only one who had a brown card, and it looked like only she would be getting into the housing unit to lead the Chapel Service.

In my years of doing prison ministry (going into Santa Rita Jail), I’ve learned to accept and adjust to whatever the jail system allows us to do. So on that morning, I thought that Dale and I might just have go shopping in town while waiting for Linda to finish ministering inside San Quentin.  But God had a better plan than bargain shopping.  Finally we all were cleared to go in and conduct the Chapel Service down in H Unit.

There we witnessed men who are desperate for God, crying their hearts out in prayer like you’ve never heard anyone pray before.  I was in awe and I was feeling a little ashamed of how little effort I do when I pray. I wanted to pray like that. I wanted to pray like when God hears me, God would not be able to do anything but answer the intensity of my earnest prayer.

Men who are desperate for the touch of God pray like they really mean it!
-Rachel Webb