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Whether you are traveling, not feeling well or just couldn’t make it to the Hill for our Sunday service, you can download Pastor Roger’s sermon, either in manuscript or audio formats, and now we have live stream, as well. Staying faithful with your giving while away is also simple; visit our online giving page for 4 safe and easy ways to bring your tithes and offerings into the storehouse.


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  Date  Sermon Title  Manuscript
Church Life
02/22/15 The Moment that Changed Everything
02/15/15 A Culture of Honor
02/08/15 The Pauline Paradox
02/01/15 The Chair | Part 2
01/25/15 The Chair | Part 1
01/18/15 What Are We To Do With These Words
01/11/15 Church Life: The One Act We Refuse To Do…
What Did Women Do in the Bible Sermon Download>>
Reference: 05/09/10 WDWD: Mother’s Day Audio>>
01/04/15 Church Life: Life Together in the House of God
Costly Gifts
12/28/14 Costly Gifts Worthy for my King | Submission to the Father’s Will Watch Video
12/24/14 Costly Gifts Worthy for my King | Gift of My Reputation Watch Video
12/21/14 Costly Gifts Worthy for my King | Gift of My Reputation Watch Video
12/14/14 Costly Gifts Worthy for my King | Gift of Future Dreams Watch Video
12/07/14 Costly Gifts Worthy for my King | Gift of Surrender Watch Video
11/30/14 Free Speech that costs the Listener Watch Video
11/23/14 A Steadfast Spirit Watch Video
Madeleine Horn Testimony Watch Video
11/16/14 A Critical Spirit Watch Video
11/09/14 Open Heaven Watch Video
11/02/14 LifeScript chapter 5 | Chris Hayward [Audio Only]
10/26/14 Missions Emphasis | Water Quad [Audio Only]
Open Heaven
10/19/14 Open Heaven | Passing the Test [Audio Only]
10/12/14 Open Heaven | Firstfruits [Audio Only]
10/05/14 Open Heaven Download>>
Cities | God's Ultimate Aim
09/28/14 Special Guest | Tom Ruotolo [Audio Only]
09/21/14 Why Cities Matter Download>>
09/14/14 Special Guest | Isaiah Saldivar [Audio Only]
09/07/14 Kingdom History | Pastor Ramez Bahu [Audio Only]
08/31/14 I Quit!!! Download>>
08/24/14 Special Guest | Pastor Terry Inman [Audio Only]
08/17/14 Valley Christian Schools | Dave Johnson [Audio Only]
08/10/14 The Different Dilemma
08/03/14 It Begins! [Audio Only]
07/27/14 VCC Welcomes Scott Farmer [Audio Only]
07/20/14 Cities | Antioch: The Ideal Church Download>>
07/13/14 Cities | ME!!! Download>>
07/06/14 In Spirit & in Truth [Audio Only]
06/29/14 Cities | The Non-Intervention of God Download>>
06/22/13 Cities | When Belief and Experiences Collide Download>>
The Word of God Handout Download>>
06/15/14 Cities | How NOT to Read the Bible Download>>
06/08/14 Cities | Leading from the Second Chair Download>>
06/01/14 Cities | Postmodernism is Dead: The Rise of the “Nones” [Audio Only]
05/25/14 Cities | A Values Collision | Pastor Anthony McLeod [Audio Only]
05/18/14 Cities | What is a Christian and how does one become one? Download>>
05/11/14 Cities | Self-Worship in God’s House Download>>
05/04/14 Cities | A Pattern Worth Dying For | Dr. Charlie Self Download>>
04/27/14 Cities | Why Priests? Download>>
Holy Week
04/20/14 The Humility Revolution Download>>
04/13/14 This Week… Download>>
Cities | God's Ultimate Aim
04/06/14 Cities | The Other Side of God Download>>
03/30/14 Cities | Healing is for the Healthy Download>>
Healing Insert Download>>
03/23/14 Cities | “The Believer’s Prayer” Download>>
03/16/14 Missions Emphasis | Clean Water Quad [Audio Only]
03/09/14 Cities | What If? Download>>
03/02/14 Cities | Pastoring Penecost Download>>
02/23/14 Cities | A House of Prayer [Jim Stilwell] [Audio Only]
02/16/14 Cities | Tongues that Divide Download>>
02/09/14 Cities | “You are NOT ready!” Download>>
02/02/14 Cities | The Matthias Moment Download>>
01/26/14 Cities | History’s Most Powerful Prayer Meeting Download>>
We Need To Pray Together Insert Download>>
01/19/14 Cities | Better…really? Download>>
01/12/14 Cities | What on earth are we here for? Download>>
01/05/14 Perhaps One Of The Most Significant Years In VCC’s History Download>>
12/29/13 3 Core Values behind the Miracle | Pastor David Sell Download>>
The Kingdom of Christmas
12/22/13 The Kingdom of Christmas | Happily Ever After [Audio Only]
12/15/13 The Kingdom of Christmas | Hidden Royalty Download>>
12/08/13 The Kingdom of Christmas | Heroes & Villains Download>>
12/01/13 The Kingdom of Christmas | Clash of the Kingdoms Download>>
11/24/13 The Fast God has Chosen Download>>
11/17/13 The One Test all Christians Face…and Most Fail Download>>
11/10/13 Isaiah Saldivar | Special Guest [Audio Only]
Fasting Through
11/03/13 Chasing God | Thoughts from Roger Huang  [Audio Only]
Praying Through
10/27/13 Praying Through | Church Planting | Ramez Bahu Download>>
10/20/13 Praying Through | When Time Stops Download>>
10/13/13 Praying Through | Why Pray? Download>>
10/06/13 Praying Through | The Gospel of Offense Download>>
House Church
09/29/13 House Church | Thank You Letter to the Body of Christ  [Audio Only]
09/22/13 House Church | Most Significant Prophesy in the Bible Download>>
09/15/13 House Church | The Seven S’s Download>>
09/08/13 House Church | Going from HERE to THERE Download>>
09/01/13 House Church | It’s NOT all good… Download>>
08/25/13 Valley Christian Schools | Chuck Fleming [Audio Only]
08/18/13 Missions Emphasis on “Less than 1%” [Audio Only]
08/11/13 Missions Emphasis on Training Centers [Audio Only]
08/04/13 Marriage & Mission | Dr. Charlie Self Download>>
Positioning Ourselves to Hear God
07/28/13 Positioning Ourselves to Hear God | Pastor Jimi Download>>
Positioning Ourselves to Hear God Insert Download>>
07/21/13 Positioning Ourselves to Hear God | Pastor Jimi Download>>
at HIS feet Insert (with schedule) Download>>
07/14/13 Positioning Ourselves to Hear God | Pastor Jimi Download>>
Legacy Series
07/07/13 Celebration Sunday | Pastor Emeritus Ward Tanneberg
06/30/13 The Story of Miriam Cariveau Download>>
06/23/13 Getting out of the Boat | Todd White, Special Guest [Audio Only]
06/16/13 Diagnosis of a Hum | Male Spirituality Download>>
06/09/13 5 Minutes on a Sunday Download>>
Legacy Series
 06/02/13 Legacy Series | Pastor Ray & Linda Noah Download>>
Our Divine Assignment
05/26/13 Our Divine Assignment | You Must Endure | Aaron McNeal
05/19/13 Our Divine Assignment | Celebrating our Ebal
Celebration Sunday Affirmations Download>>
Celebration Sunday Corporate Declarations Download>>
Celebration Sunday Letter Download>>
05/12/13 Our Divine Assignment | Preparing for the Promise Download>>
05/05/13 Our Divine Assignment | The Joshua Generation Download>>
04/28/13 Pastor David Sell [Audio Only]
04/21/13 Breaking the Cycle of Defeat | Patty Rose [Audio Only]
04/14/13 Installation Service for Mr. Chuck Fleming, Superintendent [Audio Only]
04/07/13 Clash of the Apostolic “Titans” Download>>
Confession & Repentance Prayer Download>>
Passing on the Story
03/31/13 The Choice and Choices of Faith Download>>
03/29/13 Good Friday Service | The Holy Love of God Download>>
03/24/13 Evil | Who Killed Jesus? Download>>
5 Words Dramatic Reading Download>>
03/17/13 Deal-makers or Deal-breakers? Download>>
03/10/13 Lessons from the Learned
03/03/13 Relational Intelligence Required Download>>
02/24/13 The One Job We Can All Do Download>>
02/17/13 Second Pentecost Download>>
Kings Sermon Series
02/10/13 Until… Download>>
02/03/13 When God Fails | Lessons from the Lattice Download>>
01/27/13 The Plan | Global Missions Download>>
01/20/13 Looking for the Window Download>>
01/13/13 When Piety Trumps Naivety
01/06/13 The Searching God Download>>
12/30/12 Endowed with a heavenly power | Pastor Jimi Merrell [Audio Only]
12/23/12 The Messiah will swallow up death forever  Download>>
12/16/12 The Messiah came to open the circle  Download>>
12/09/12 The Messiah’s first recorded sermon…and first brawl  Download>>
12/02/12 The Messiah will crush the head of the evil one  Download>>
Kings Sermon Series
11/25/12 The King’s Speech
11/18/12 Special Guest, John Paul Jackson [Audio Only]
11/11/12 Worshipping the correct God correctly Download>>
11/04/12 Same story, different angle Download>>
10/28/12 The Beginning of the End Download>>
10/21/12 The Fall of Jerusalem Download>>
10/14/12 Legacy Series | Dr. Kenneth Mayton
10/07/12 “They Say” | Pastor Cassie Tundag [Audio Only]
09/30/12 Thirsting for God | Pastor Aaron McNeal [Audio Only]
09/23/12 A New Song from a Bad Singer
09/16/12 You Are A Royal Priesthood | Pastor David Sell [Audio Only]
09/09/12 The Plan | Part 2
09/02/12 The Plan | Part 1 Download>>
08/26/12 Our Rule of Life Download>>
Our Rule of Life Tract
 Surprised by Joy
08/19/12 Marks of Maturity Download>>
08/12/12 Legacy Series | Pastor Rick Howard
08/05/12 Well-Intentioned Dragons Download>>
07/29/12 Surviving Faith-Shaking Seasons | Pastor Anthony McLeod [Audio Only]
07/22/12 Enjoying Peace Through Integrity – Dr. Charlie Self Download>>
07/15/12 Illustration Required Download>>
07/08/12 The Epitaph of the Apostle Paul
07/01/12 Dave Johnson [Audio Only]
06/24/12 Joy – An Act of the Will Download>>
06/17/12 What Will Your Faith Withstand? | Pastor Aaron McNeal [Audio Only]
06/10/12 Where do we go from here? Download>>
06/03/12 Special Guest, Per Akvist [Audio Only]
05/27/12 Four Commands We Cannot Ignore Download>>
05/20/12 When God interrupts church to bring church Download>>
05/13/12 Enough! Download>>
05/06/12 Our need for Public Affirmation & Celebration Download>>
04/29/22 These Words Download>>
04/22/12 “This is the one I esteem…” | Prem Williams [Audio Only]
04/15/12 Donnie Moore [Audio Only]
The Intervention
04/08/12 The Intervention | Benefit to the Forgotton Download>>
04/06/12 Good Friday | When the Earth Speaks Download>>
04/01/12 The Intervention | Benefit to the Fragile Faithful Download>>
Letter to God Download>>
03/25/12 God’s Enduring Love  | Pastor Aaron McNeal [Audio Only]
03/18/12 The Intervention | Benefits of Answering The Call Download>>
03/11/12 Special Guest | Sean Smith [Audio Only]
03/04/12 The Intervention | Living in 3D Download>>
02/26/12 The Intervention | The Benefit of Direction Download>>
Surprised by Joy
02/19/12 The Key to a Joyful Life Download>>
02/12/12 Prejudice in the Church Download>>
02/05/12 Family Faith Download>>
01/29/12 Your Attitude should be the same as Christ Jesus [Audio Only]
01/22/12 Dr. Sam Huddleston [Audio Only]
01/15/12 The Mission of the Church Download>>
01/08/12 The Meeting | Plan Your Life Around It Download>>
01/01/12 A Resolution We Cannot Afford To Break! | Pastor Jimi Merrell [Audio Only]
Extravagant Gifts Every Heart Can Afford
12/25/11 “…and they will call him Immanuel” (“God with us”) Download>>
12/24/11 The star doesn’t work anymore Download>>
12/18/11 Joseph did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him Download>>
12/11/11 “I am willing …well maybe.” Download>>
12/04/11 The best words ever spoken are WASTED at a funeral Download>>
11/27/11 A Holy Pause | Our Response [Audio Only]
11/20/11 Convoy of Hope | One Day to Feed the World [Audio Only]
11/13/11 Saturday Afternoon Heroes | Donnie Moore [Audio Only]
11/06/11 Give Honor Where Honor is Due [Audio Only]
10/30/11 The “Okay” Topic on the “Not Okay” List [Audio Only]
10/23/11 A Holy Pause | Pastor Earl Heverly [Audio Only]
10/16/11 One Rule to Live By Download>>
10/09/11 Dealing with Loss Download>>
10/02/11 God’s Love | Pastor Jimi Merrell [Audio Only]
09/25/11 From Disaster to His Dwelling Place | Pastor Dwight [Audio Only]
09/18/11 Stay Calm, Don’t Panic | Pastor Cassie [Audio Only]
09/11/11 The Christian philosophy with respect to adversity Download>>
09/04/11 Answering the Call Download>>
08/28/11 Love God – Love Others | Children’s Ministries [Audio Only]
08/21/11 A Sacred Trust | Valley Christian Schools Download>>
08/14/11 Missions Emphasis Sunday | Mike & Lisa Norton [Audio Only]
08/07/11 Finding Joy in the Land Inbetween Download>>
07/31/11 Night Songs of Non-Intervention Download>>
07/24/11 For these three people? Download>>
07/17/11 Surprised by Joy | Lost…and okay with it Download>>
07/10/11 5 Minutes on Sunday | Facilitating the Prophetic Download>>
07/03/11 America’s Faith, Freedom and Future | Dr. Charlie Self [Audio Only]
06/26/11 The Gospel According to [You] | Pastor Jennifer Davis [Audio Only]
The Way Out
06/19/11 The Joy of Giving
06/12/11 Can you just walk away? Download>>
06/05/11 Rick Howard, Guest Speaker [Audio Only]
05/29/11 How to Handle Money Download>>
05/22/11 What Lurks Beneath Download>>
05/15/11 Pastor Jason Gawel [Audio Only]
05/08/11 Firstfruits or Last Leftovers? Download>>
05/01/11  What is Money? Download>>
24 Hours that Changed the World
04/24/11 Happy Endings…Happier Beginnings Download>>
04/17/11 The Darkness That Changed The Way We See Download>>
04/10/11 The Insults That Changed How We Respond Download>>
04/03/11 The Prayer That Changed The Way We Lead [Audio Only]
03/27/11 The Meal That Changed The Way We Worship Download>>
Church Check
03/20/11 Church Check | Laodicea  Download>>
03/13/11 Church Check | Philadelphia [Audio Only]
03/07/11 Donnie Moore [Audio Only]
02/27/11 Church Check | Sardis Download>>
02/20/11 Church Check | Thyatira Download>>
02/13/11 Church Check | Pergamum Download>>
02/06/11 Church Check | Smyrna Download>>
01/30/11 Church Check | Ephesus Download>>
Missions Month
01/23/11 Missions Month | Jesus Incognito Download>>
01/16/11 Missions Month | Bill Prevette [Audio Only]
01/09/11 Missions Month | Community Service [Audio Only]
01/02/11 Missions Month | Glen Davis, Chi-Alpha, Stanford [Audio Only]
12/26/10 Celestial Dance [Audio Only]
12/19/10 Angelic Anticipation [Audio Only]
12/12/10 Battle for Birth [Audio Only]
12/05/10 Heaven’s Farewell [Audio Only]
11/28/10 Fierce Warrior of Peace [Audio Only]
11/21/10 The Interview [Audio Only]
11/14/10 Extreme Makeover | Real Faith Download>>
11/07/10 Extreme Makeover | Communication Download>>
10/31/10 Extreme Makeover | Schedule Download>>
10/24/10 Extreme Makeover | Singleness Download>>
10/17/10 Extreme Makeover | 2nd Half [Audio Only]
10/10/10 Extreme Makeover | A Home Download>>
10/03/10 Extreme Makeover | Role Model Download>>
09/26/10 Extreme Makeover | Leader Download>>
09/19/10 The Meeting | Part 5 Download>>
09/12/10 The Meeting | Part 4 Download>>
09/05/10 The Meeting | Part 3 Download>>
08/29/10 The Meeting | Part 2 Download>>
08/22/10 The Meeting | Part 1 Download>>
08/15/10 God’s Presence | Bold Witness [Audio Only]
08/08/10 God’s Presence | Cosmic Clash [Audio Only]
08/01/10 God’s Presence | Tongues Download>>
07/25/10 God’s Presence | Healing [Audio Only]
07/18/10 God’s Presence | The Prophetic Download>>
07/11/10 God’s Presence | Spiritual Gifts Download>>
07/04/10 God’s Presence | Discernable Download>>
06/27/10 God’s Presence | Passionate Worship [Audio Only]
06/20/10 God’s Presence |Personal Refreshment Download>>
06/13/10 God’s Empowering Presence Download>>
06/06/10 Letter to the Church of Dublin Download>>
05/30/10 The Chase Download>>
05/23/10 Resisting The Call Download>>
05/16/10 Is it Real? | Larry Lopez [Audio Only]
05/09/10 WDWD: Mother’s Day Download>>
05/02/10 Go Go Jonah-KKOM Musical [Audio Only]
04/25/10 What’s Love got to do with it Download>>
04/18/10 Impact over Impression [Audio Only]
04/11/10 Dr. Ward Tanneberg | CASA [Audio Only]
04/04/10 But God | Purpose Download>>
04/02/10 Good Friday Service Download>>
03/28/10 But God | Faith Download>>
03/21/10 But God | Grace [Audio Only]
03/14/10 But God | Love Download>>
03/07/10 But God | Sin Download>>
02/28/10 Be Different |  Reactions Download>>
02/21/10 Be Different | Authority Download>>
02/14/10 Be Different | Prayer Download>>
02/07/10 Be Different | Discernment [Audio Only]
01/31/10 Be Different | Confrontation Download>>
01/24/10 Missions: Commitment [Audio Only]
01/17/10 Missions | It’s Time to Go [Audio Only]
01/10/10 Missions | It’s Time to Do [Audio Only]
01/03/10 Missions | It’s Time to Send Download>>
2009 Sermons
12/27/09 Wonder of God’s Plan Download>>
12/24/09 Wonder of God’s Gift Download>>
12/20/09 Wonder of God’s Guests Download>>
12/13/09 Wonder of God’s Timing [Audio Only]
12/06/09 Wonder of God’s Choice Download>>
11/29/09 Be Different | Fasting [Audio Only]
11/22/09 Be Different | Giving Download>>
11/15/09 I am not Ashamed: Baptism [Audio Only]
Going Against the Grain [Audio Only]
11/01/09 Baptism Download>>
10/25/09 Be Different | Prayer, Part 2 Download>>
10/18/09 Be Different | Prayer, Part 1 Download>>
10/11/09 Fight the Good Fight [Audio Only]
10/04/09 The Big Three Download>>
09/27/09 Setting a New Course Download>>
40 Facts about the Church Download>>
09/20/09 Africa Oasis Project [Audio Only]
09/13/09 Women in Ministry Download>>
09/06/09 Living Life without Lines Download>>
08/30/09 Guest:  Pastor Paul Yang [Audio Only]
08/23/09 Be Different | Responses Download>>
08/16/09 Be Different | Words Download>>
08/09/09 Pain & Pieces of Divorce [Audio Only]
08/02/09 Be Different | Marriage Download>>
07/26/09 Loving Wednesday Afternoon Download>>
07/19/09 Be Different | Desires Download>>
07/05/09 Be Different | Behavior Download>>
06/28/09 Be Different | Motives Download>>
Crazy Love Handout Download>>
06/21/09 Be Different:  Influence Download>>
06/14/09 Love God BY Loving Others Download>>
06/07/09 Holy Hunger Download>>
05/31/09 Be Different Download>>
05/24/09 Are We There Yet? [KKOM]
05/17/09 V4RV:  Haggai #4 Download>>
05/10/09 V4RV:  Haggai #3 [Audio Only]
05/03/09 V4RV:  Haggai #2 Download>>
04/26/09 V4RV:  Haggai #1 [Audio Only]
04/19/09 Sunrise Service [Audio Only]
04/12/09 Grace:  Failure Download>>
04/05/09 Grace:  Unbelief [Audio Only]
03/29/09 Grace:  Doubt Download>>
03/22/09 Grace:  Loss Download>>
03/15/09 Grace:  Expectations Download>>
03/08/09 From Harvard to Heaven [Audio Only]
03/01/09 Call to Corporate Prayer Download>>
02/22/09 God’s Stimulus Package Download>>
02/15/09 Bringing Church Home Download>>
02/08/09 This is Church, Part 3 Download>>
02/01/09 The Unexpected Guest Download>>
01/25/09 The Missions Church [Audio Only]
01/11/09 Missions & The Word Download>>
01/04/09 Missions & Prayer Download>>
2008 Sermons
12/28/08 The Magi Download>>
12/21/08 Prince of Peace Download>>
12/14/08 Everlasting Father Download>>
12/07/08 Mighty God Download>>
11/30/08 Wonderful Counselor Download>>
11/23/08 This is Church, Part 2 Download>>
11/16/08 This is Church, Part 1 Download>> Download>>