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Roger Valci - October 14, 2018

Anger Must Fall

From Series: "Goliath Must Fall"

Jesus defeated Satan on the cross. The devil has been stripped of his power. He has been publicly humiliated. Every effort to thwart the purposes of God in Jesus Christ has failed. No temptation. No trial. No onslaught from Hell could derail the Son of God from dethroning and defanging the universe's most heinous villain. In every fashion, by any measure, on every scorecard, the victory is clear. There is no dispute. No doubt. No uncertainty. No contesting the outcome. Satan is down for the count, he is is stripped of every title, his deed to this planet has been revoked and Jesus, the Messiah, is the undisputed and overwhelming victor. The giant has fallen. Yet, despite this historic and cosmic shift, the dead giant is still deadly. He still preys on the vulnerable, still exploits the ignorant, still seduces the weak, still enslaves the innocent, still rapes the pure, and still tears downs the dreamer. His power and influence in our world today is so prevalent that some might say (and they would be wrong in saying) that the cross did nothing, that it failed to change anything, that we are still under the dominion and slavery of a powerful and mocking giant from Hell. Goliath must fall. It is a statement of certainty. A proclamation of faith. A declaration of determination. A course to pursue. A fight to finish. A resolution of the will. It's time we get out of the foxhole and face what - or perhaps, the giant - we have been avoiding.

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