David Sell - December 30, 2018

When Jesus Turned Heads

Ever since we were young, culture has been applying the “full-court-press” to slot each of us into categories that subconsciously limit us from being all that God says we are. In this message we will discover how categorial limitations begin to drop off when we set our focus on becoming like Jesus. Rom. 8:29 lets us know that we have been predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, rather than what others says we are to become. The clearer we see who Jesus really is, the more desirous we become to plot our course to imitate Him in every way. This morning we will focus upon some of the lesser known moments of His ministry which caused “heads to turn.” First, we will see how absolutely locked in He remained to fulfill His purpose, even when others disapproved. From there we’ll trace His steps through Samaria and watch Him break the cultural rules of the day in order to forge a weapon against ethnic and gender bias.

From Series: "When Jesus Turned Heads"

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