Roger Valci - December 10, 2017

Right Now In Heaven

Right now in heaven, you are on trial.The Accuser has an open and shut case. Your fingerprints were at the crime scene. There is plenty of video surveillance of your atrocities. The angelic hosts testify to your guilt for they saw it happen. To make matters worse, audiotapes of your thoughts and motives are presented before the Judge against you. Everything is here for a Prosecutor to put you away. To escape judgment, you plea ignorance. Strangely, the Judge, not the Accuser, calls two witnesses to the stand. Creation and Conscience testify against you. They prove to the court that you knew enough to be culpable. You are doomed. You try insanity. But given the clear and overwhelming evidence, it is clear to all that you are lying. You get no traction with this recourse. All other attempts to explain the situation, deflect blame or deny your involvement fail. Judgment, severe punishment, is coming your way. You cringe to hear what the Judge will pronounce upon you. That is until…the doors open from the back and your Defender enters the room. Rather, than defend or explain what happened, rather than challenge the evidence, rather than debunk the witnesses, or deploy some legal gymnastics to thwart the Accuser's tactics or character, your Advocate falls to his knees and prays. With great tears and loud cries for your deliverance. His words speak nothing of your righteousness nor of your innocence. In an odd way, his prayers center more on him.

Scripture References: Hebrews 7:25

From Series: "Parousia"

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