Roger Valci - May 13, 2018

I Choose Her

This Sunday, we celebrate women. Yes it is Mother's Day, a time where we share words, flowers and gifts to the women who shaped our life. But today, I feel we need to give women the real gift they are asking for in today's culture, which include the church, opportunity, respect and safety. Men, the time has come, and is frankly long overdue, when we like Josiah the king, look at all available options, discern what is best for our company, house of faith, company or government role and say, "I choose her."

Scripture References: 2 Kings 22:1-20

From Series: "I Choose Her"

When King Josiah is informed of the discovery of the long-lost Torah in the Temple, a certain Shaphan reads the text to the king. Josiah who has "the most responsive royal heart since the the hearing heart of Solomon" (quote from Peter Leithart, 1 & 2 Kings) realizes that the nation has failed to live according to God's covenant. Josiah falls apart in godly repentance. What is he to do? To which of God's prophets shall he send word and get advice? Here are his options: Jeremiah Zephaniah Nahum Habakkuk or Huldah The first four are published writers and have books in Israel's sacred canon. But Josiah overlooks these options. He chooses Huldah above the rest. Huldah is not chosen because there are no men available. She is chosen because she is truly exceptional among the prophets. Huldah confirms the scroll is indeed God's word, and this, in some sense, authorizes the text as Israel's Scripture from that time on. Furthermore, prophetess Huldah, holding nothing back, warns the king that God's wrath against the nation will soon bring consequences. But, she adds, because of the kings humility, he will be gathered to his ancestors in peace.

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