Jimi Merrell - November 18, 2018

James Chapter 3

A true and definite sign of one that is maturing in the Spirit can be seen through their choice of words. Do they use their words to curse or praise, to destroy or build up? Is coarse joking or four letter words common-place in their vocabulary? Are they known for having an unbridled tongue that lashes out at others during the week, yet sings sweet praises to Jesus on Sunday? It has been said that the eyes are the window to one's soul. However, it is the tongue that reveals what is in man's heart, and the scriptures that reveal God's standard for speech. How are we doing?

Scripture References: James 3:3-12

From Series: "Back to the Book - A Study in James"

In the month of November, we will have the opportunity to examine and consume selected portions of each chapter of the book of James. James is an upfront and blunt leader in the early Christian movement overseeing the church in Jerusalem. The key message in James' Epistle is a call to spiritual maturity. He challenges believers to a Godly lifestyle in the areas of personal sin, trials, speech, obedience, faithfulness, self-sufficiency, anger, actions, and patience to name a few. He is the half-brother Jesus, and was martyred for his faith in A.D. 62 according to the historian Josephus. James is both challenging and inspiring, and a "must study" for any believer who desires to mature in their faith. Because we desire to become the type of worshippers the Father seeks, we must spend time looking intently into his perfect law and displaying what we have learned in our daily lives. Let's do this together!

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