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Roger Valci - May 27, 2018

The Voice of Gladness

Christianity is confused on what to do with desires. Some people say, "Deny them." Others say, "Indulge in them." Which is it? No doubt denial is part of the Christian journey. Jesus said: "If any man would come after me, he must deny himself" (Luke 9:23). On the other hand, the Psalmist tells us: "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37:4). Our our desires pure or our they impure? Do we pursue them or do we deny them? Are they a gift or are they a curse? We are in a journey of listening together. This morning we tackle the inward world of our desires. As we still our minds and bodies, no doubt the we hear and feel the inward voice of desire. What are we to do with it? Is this God speaking or is something carnal we need to suppress? Let's take time to talk about this.

From Series: "40 Days of Listening"

Mark Patterson in his book, Whisper, tells the story of a renown opera singer who mysteriously loses his ability to hit certain notes even though those notes where well within his vocal range. The singer went to ear, nose and throat specialists, all of whom diagnosed a vocal problem. Dr. Tomatis thought otherwise. Using a tonometer, Dr. Tomatis discovered that even an average opera singer produces a 140 decibel sound wave at a meter's distance (which is slightly louder than a military jet taking off from an aircraft carrier). That discovery led to the discovery that the opera singer had deafened himself to the sound of his own voice. Dr. Tomatis learned that "the voice can only reproduce what the ear can hear." The French Academy of Medicine dubbed this scenario the Tomatis effect. Is it possible that some of the relational, emotional and professional challenges we are facing are actually hearing problems? That perhaps we have deafened ourselves to the voice of God? And it is that inability to hear His voice that causes us to lose our voice and our way. That the Tomatis effect is blocking many of us from hearing from Heaven. Learning to hear his voice is the solution to a thousand problems. Yet, can we not all agree, there are many voices vying for our attention and focus? Condemning voices in us that suppress and tempt us to quit. Outside voices in culture all vying for our support, in not participation. Is God's voice the loudest voice in your life?

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