Breakthrough: God is good!
Roger Valci   -  

Many people believe that they know God. They believe that He created the earth, spoke the universe into existence, formed Adam and Eve out of dust, and even knitted them together in their mother's womb. But when trials and struggles manifest in their lives, they are quick to panic, quick to surrender to despair, and slow to remember that the protection, provision, and love of our Father is unwavering and unchanging. That isn't you is it? It's not me either (tongue in cheek) We need to remind ourselves that He is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing), and omnipresent (everywhere at once) and is aware of EVERYTHING that is happening in the lives of His children. As we complete 21 days of fasting and prayer, some in our VCC family have received breakthroughs. Fears have dissipated, situations have been rectified, relationships have been reconciled, and God has restored hope and joy. For that we will praise Him! In the same breathe, many of our brothers and sisters are still contending and petitioning to see new light in the prayers they have entrusted to our Father. They are still crying out, still bending their knees, and still believing that their breakthrough is on the way. For that we will also praise Him! This Sunday, we will celebrate God's goodness and thank Him for all that He has done, receive encouragement to continue to pursue breakthrough, and will break our fast with a wonderful meal together immediately following the service. God is good!