New Years often come with resolutions. With the turning of the calendar, vows are made with regards to health, finances, addiction, or faith. While I admire moments of reflection and course correction, I am also aware of the human tendency not to stay the course. Human beings are fickle. What we say and what we do are not always congruent. That is why many chose not to share what goals they make. It is hard enough to back peddle on a resolution or vow. It is worse to do it and face the eyeballs of another. This year, your pastoral staff want to replace guilt with grace and create a path where discipline and community can forge the benefits and satisfaction of finishing a course. Breakthough is our series to open the year and it is the place where our first steps set a tone for the year. We have put in place some helps in this 21-day journey to get us all across the finish line the first of which we bring this Sunday morning. Roger Huang, the founder of City Impact ( will be joining us this Sunday. No person I know in the SF Bay Area has had more Breakthrough than this man. His 30+ years in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco is legendary and summarized in the book, Chasing God, One man’s miraculous journey in the heart of the city. I have asked Roger#1, as I call him, to come and share with us “best practices” on how to find personal and societal Breakthrough.