Today we enter into one of the most sacred portions of the Bible – the Upper Room. Jesus’ public ministry is over. In a few hours he will be abandoned by his closest friends, betrayed by one of them, falsely accused and tried by a Jewish and Roman court, flogged, and then crucified. Before laying down his life, he gathers with his closest friends, the Twelve disciples, for a Passover meal. Everything they have known up to this point is about to disappear. No more travels. No more ministry moments. No more teaching. No more miracles. No one-on-one conversations. Jesus is going to leave them. Nothing will be the same. He gathers them to comfort them. Rather, than focus on himself, he spends the entire time comforting and preparing them for what is ahead. The Apostle John gives us the most insight on this setting. Nearly one quarter of his gospel account is devoted to this setting. Jesus loves them to the end and to show the full extent of his love, he washes their feet.