The Upper Room – John 15
Roger Valci   -  

Separation for the work of the Gospel.

When Jesus walks out the doors in the Upper Room, everything they have known will be over. Nothing will be the same. No more ministry moments. No more camp fire talks. No more teaching moments. Twelve times in seven verses of John 15 Jesus tells his followers to remain in his love. Time after time he tells them to abide, stay close and keep connected. Why would he tell them this? Because they, like us, have a proclivity for drifting. Jesus is not worried about them succumbing to demonic elements. He is concerned that they will slowly disconnect. Most people I know don’t ever renounce the faith. They simply drift away. This Sunday we talk listen to Jesus implore, beg and plea with his follower “to remain connected to the vine”. I ask you read John 15 before we gather. Once again, I have a co-teacher with me I believe you will enjoy as we together bring you the inspiration, hope and warnings of God’s word.