We wanted to give you a quick overview of the amazing things that God has done in our ministry this year.

There was certainly way more we could talk about but here are just the month by month highlights. Enjoy!!

February: Winter Camp – Jenness Park

This year we took about 50 students to a winter camp a Jenness Park. We went up to the mountains for a weekend in the snow. He had so much fun sledding down hills, having snowball fights, and spending some very dynamic time together in worship. We had an awesome speaker named Raymond Hudson who taught us so many things including a very impactful last message about the urgency we should have in sharing our faith.

April: Regional Fine Arts

Regional Fine Arts is a trip that we as a ministry really take seriously. Our vision is to see every student and adult leader trained to do ministry. Fine Arts is a festival devoted to training students to serve in their local church. We had students in categories including: art, short sermon, guitar solo, bass solo, worship band, Christian band, and more! These students did and incredible job.

June: Tribal Wars and City Blast

In June we launched our summer with a fun competition called Tribal Wars. The goal of our early summer efforts was to really grow our group in unity and love for one another.

City Blast is our outreach to the tri-valley. It’s a day camp that is run by our amazing Children’s ministry team in partnership with City-Serve. Every year we have so many students serving as group leaders, games leadership, bible station leaders, and snack leaders! Our kids do so much and it’s a joy to watch them develop a heart for our city.

July: Summer Camp

Summer Camp is the best event that we do as a ministry. Our summer camp this year was a houseboat trip to Lake Shasta. This year we took 44 people up to the Lake for a week of fun, memories, and revival! Revival hit the first night. I have never been a part of a more spiritually dynamic camp in my life. I’ve never seen the Holy Spirit work in ways like that. We go up there with an organization that helps us with cooking and driving boats. Their leaders said: “I’ve never seen kids worship like this.” That is the truth and the beauty of our ministry. Each night we talked about the Holy Spirit and saw him move in incredible ways.

August: National Fine Arts in Anaheim

In August we took a group of 13 students to Anaheim for the national fine arts competition. This a competition with 10,000 students in attendance. Our district has never been well represented to it was an honor to bring some representation to Northern California! Our band placed 13th in the nation, Nathan Reimer got 2nd in the nation for short sermon (with 100 competitors in that category), and Bryce McKee got 1st in the nation for his bass solo! We are so proud of our students and what they accomplished.

September: Fancy Night and MENU

Coming into the new school year, our hearts and philosophy of ministry was being shaped by some thoughts. “Students who do ministry in their youth group are exponentially more likely to keep their faith through college.” Our philosophy drove us to experiment with the idea of doing a completely student lead outreach. That’s where the idea of fancy night camp from. Our student leaders came up with the idea of doing a fancy “dress up” night. We had a photo booth, food, skits, and a guest speaker. The students put together a skit and a video and wove them together into an awesome production! We had 11 new students and the feeling in the room was electric.

That night launched us into the menu series that was all about enjoying the Holy Spirit. Every night that month we taught about who the Holy Spirit was an gave students a “to go” menu which gave them verses to read, thoughts, and prayers for the week.

November: Girls retreat and All-Nighter and TOP 40

In November we had our very first girls retreat! The trip was lead by our leaders: Danielle Lane and Laura Reimer, they were also accompanied by other church members who wanted to be a part of this weekend. We took up 15 high school girls for a weekend away. It was a powerful weekend of bonding and growing.

During the same weekend the rest of our leaders decided to make an investment in our younger students. We had 18 middle school students at our all-nighter. We did a scavenger hunt at the mall, midnight bowling, and played games at the church. They had so much fun that at one point we had to force them to lay down and at least get a little sleep! It was such a great time of bonding with them.

December: Winter Camp – Leoni Meadows

Our last event of 2017 has yet to happen yet. We will be leaving for Leoni Meadows on December 28th. We are doing a camp in partnership with Hillside Christian Church in Napa and Christian Heights Assembly of God in Sonora. We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our students. We are believing for a powerful weekend!


I oversee our Middle and High School Ministries at the church. I have been married to Laura McLeod since 2013 and we have one child named Luke. I graduated from Northwest University with a BA in General Ministries

  • At VCC since 2012