Sunday Service


At Valley Christian, we exist to become the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. In order to see that happen, we aspire to grow in the following areas: vulnerability, listening, pursuit, and becoming kingdom-minded.
That is why we have created space for our people to gather in a time of prayer & worship.

9:00 AM - Prayer & Worship Hour

We have created space for our people to gather in a time of prayer & worship. Our desire is to create an environment in which people can have a real, authentic encounter with God through worship.

Prayer is an essential part of this service and you will find it incorporated throughout, whether it’s praying individually or corporately on a specific topic.

10:00 AM - Morning Service

Directly transitioning from our P&W Hour, we continue spending time honoring God through song, including traditional, contemporary and original compositions. We exist to lead others in all-out, uncompromised worship of God.

Each week, we provide an altar prayer team, ensuring that each person coming forward feels valued, honored and loved. We also provide time to return to the Lord His tithes and give him our offerings.

We look to the scriptures to discover God’s truth for our lives, providing a variety of ways to communicate the message, including: special music, a video or even a personal testimony.

We're Live Every Sunday

We invite you to come spend a morning in an environment that is affirming, uplifting, challenging, and above all, honoring to God.


The Meeting is not about not about our comforts and preferences…it is about the pleasure of God!

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