If you know me, you know that CityBlast is my favorite week of the year. There’s a myriad of reasons why I enjoy it; I’ll take any excuse to wear face paint and glitter!! But truly, I love CityBlast because we are able to get together with people from different church backgrounds with the sole intent of showing the love of God to the next generation of kids. I have bunch of reasons why you should serve at City Blast, but I’ll only give you my top ten. You’ll have to come to camp if you want to hear the rest!

1.Friendship! Serving with other believers bridges gaps and expands one’s circle of influence. City Blast works because several churches link arms and serve the kids. This also allows one to make new friends and to have more people to bond with. We truly function as one church, and that is beautiful!

2. Evangelism! City Blast also allows us to come into contact with people who don’t know  Jesus and would have never come to our church. If we want people to come to our hill, then we must be willing to meet them where they are at.

3. Worship! You get to worship God with a bunch of excited kids! One of the most encouraging things for my faith is watching a bunch of elementary schoolers shout  praises to God. By serving these kids, your faith will grow.

4. Games! Some of the coolest pastors, Brian and Alexis from Calvary San Ramon, lead our games station, and those activities are wild! You will hear kids laughing and enjoying themselves, and Brian and Alexis will make you smile and experience the joy of Jesus.

5. Life changing lessons! The kids are going to be learning all throughout the different stations that they rotate through that God is good no matter their circumstances, and you will find yourself  learning from Cheryl, the children’s pastor at Valley Community! You will be learning right alongside those kids how good God is.

6. Team Spirit! The camp is broken up into four different color groups, and we have a giant competition; this is so fun! You’ll  get to come up with crazy cheers, wear face paint, do dress up days, and find silly reasons to laugh and enjoy your morning. Last year Jonathan Wong and I bought a bunch of yellow gear for our team; we didn’t win, but we had fun getting everyone excited about being at City Blast.

7. Glitter and face paint! You get to be crazy and silly, and it’s all so the kids can feel the freedom to be silly! When the kids feel comfortable, they are more likely to have deep conversations and to be receptive to God’s truth! There’s a purpose behind the silliness!

8. Intentionality! This camp teaches us that we are supposed to live on mission; you don’t have to go to a different country to share the truth with someone. You can make a difference in your own community. You learn how having snack and making crafts can lead to a life changing conversation.

9. Funny! Kids are hysterical. Spend some time talking to them, and sooner or later they will make you chuckle.

10. Salvations! Every year, children meet Jesus for the first time. Every year, a child’s eternity is changed from spending an eternity in Hell to spending eternity worshiping God with a promise of going to Heaven! If you serve at CityBlast, you will be able to play a part in a child’s future being changed!


I get to do City Blast, Kids Club, and Sunday mornings! I graduated in 2019 from Liberty University with a B.S. in Christian Leadership: Biblical Studies and a minor in Theology.

  • At VCC since 2018