“The Unrecognized Love of a School Teacher” 

You have entered the teaching profession because you love kids, and love to watch them develop and grow. To you, it is much more than a job – it is a passion, a joy, a calling…it is your ministry!

Yet those on the outside rarely get to see how a teacher prepares and plans behind the scenes. Or can comprehend the multiple roles that a teacher plays in the lives of their students –  in addition to teaching multiple subjects to multiple groups of kids each day.

Those on the outside may never see your kitchen table covered with essays as you spend countless hours grading. Or realize that you must take time away from your own family pursuing CEU’s, completing ESLR’s, and attending in-house after school mandatory trainings.

Those on the outside probably have no idea that you end your summer vacations short because you need to spend a few extra days to prepare for the arrival of their children. That extra time goes into creating and writing lesson plans, hanging pictures, putting up maps, scrubbing whiteboards, creating seating charts, setting up assignments in Powergrade, killing spiders, and occasionally chasing away mice.

What many outsiders will never understand is the unwritten fine print in a teachers duties – the expectations that each and every teacher will meet without compensation, and many times without recognition. In fact, chances are, that there will only be three people throughout the course of a school year that will know that the fine print is being honored; the teacher, the student, and the Lord.

Let’s take a look at the fine print:
In addition to regular instruction, teachers may fulfill one or more of the following responsibilities on any given school day:

Friend | remember to be that smiling face and cheerful voice each and everyday, even if you feel sick
Guide | when students are feeling lost, they will come to you for direction – be prepared
Role Model | students will be watching your behavior at all times, even on your lunch break
Shaper | you will equip students to form their lives with godly opinions, even though their favorite television show will contradict what you say
Intercessor | your daily prayers over students will prove to be invaluable, for you and them both
Planner | you will strategically plan lessons to get the maximum impact in the least amount of time
Preparer | you will prepare students with tools to face daily challenges
Counselor | you will provide wisdom when students need direction
Enabler | make sure that you set up each student to succeed, even when they don’t want to
Enforcer | put students back on track when class gets rambunctious
Gardener | help students remove the weeds and thorns from their lives, including the ones they can’t see
Theologian | tie godly principles into each and every subject matter from Art to Math
Artist | help students pour glitter in just the right spot, and to paint that perfect rainbow
Nurse | make sure you have extra band-aids on hand for scraped knees and elbows
Seamstress | have thread and needle on hand to sew buttons and mend pants
Custodian | may need to clean spilled milk, scrape glue from a student’s fingers, or remove gum from the carpet

Joanna Fuchs once wrote;

“If I could teach you teacher,
I’d teach you how much more you have accomplished than you think you have.
I’d show you the seeds you planted years ago that are now coming into blume.
I’d reveal to you all of the young minds that have expanded under your care,
the hearts that are serving others because they had you as a role model.
If I could teach you teacher, I’d show you the positive effect you’ve had on my life.”

Teachers, your love for students is evident, your self-sacrifice is enormous.

We thank you and honor you for all of your hard work, both seen and unseen!