When signing up for a new small group, we tend to ask ourselves, what are we going to “get” out of it. Will it meet my needs? Is it worth my time? Will I grow spiritually? When we put aside those questions and enter into group life thinking about what we can “give” rather than what we can get, then we become truly open to all that God wants to do in and through us.

I joined a bible study group as a young Christian. Each week I would go excited to share my thoughts on the topic of discussion and nibble on the wonderful snacks that seemed to appear like manna from heaven. I abandoned the group a short time later feeling like I had grown spiritually, but disappointed that I was never able to make the deep social connections I also longed for. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I realized the problem was me, not the group. Translation: I recognized how self-focused I had been.

When we learn to listen, empathize, and encourage others in the midst of sharing our own thoughts and life experiences, then we feel more connected to them. I now understand how valuable others are in my spiritual journey and that it’s only through community that I can truly grow into all that Christ wants me to be.

If you’re ready to exchange your big “I” for authentic biblical community, Valley Christian Center has the ideal conduit – House Church! Check out our on-line group listing and get connected today.

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