interfaith-chapel-mosaic1What happened to the cross? Why did they cover it up? Oh no, not on Thanksgiving! Will this ruin the day?

It’s Thanksgiving morning at DVI Men’s Prison in Tracy. Kathy and I have come to have a service with the men.

We see that because it is now an “InterFaith” Chapel, the staff was required to “cover” all crosses or representations of Christianity. Every pew now has a wooden block of wood nailed over the engraved cross that is on the side of each pew.

Hanging above the alter, the 6 foot wooden cross that was nailed to the wall now has a large white board nailed on top of it, attempting to cover the cross….BUT, CAN YOU SEE IT!!! You cannot hide the cross…it sticks out. Ha!

When the 85 men came into the Chapel they immediately wanted to know why the cross was covered.

I showed them that it really wasn’t. “You cannot hide the cross,” I told them. “See it refuses to be hidden!”

So, I asked them whose cross is it? All 85 men shouted at the top of their lungs, “Jesus”. I asked them who they would continue to worship and they shouted “Jesus!” again and then again at the top of their lungs. The sound was almost deafening. By the end of the hour together about 30 men stood to recommit their lives to walking daily with Jesus.

The Holy Spirit was so powerful and explosive. You could visibly see this power as it hit its target…the heart of each man who humbled himself to God.covered-cross

What a sight!

What a mighty God!

He cannot be hidden!

We will shout all the louder!

Happy Thanksgiving and glory to All Mighty God!!