Marilyn Park’s experience…

The minute I walk into the house I feel like I have entered a safe place where I am loved and accepted. I guarantee I’m going to get a warm greeting that usually includes a hug and kiss. Every week we have a potluck-style meal and chat about our day (a cup of coffee and dessert are optional – but why not splurge?).  This is the time we really get to know each other – share our dreams AND struggles. After connecting, we worship together then the children are dismissed to play and learn a kid-friendly lesson while the adults dig into Bible study and prayer. My favorite, so far, has been reading through and reflecting on the book of Romans. Everyone has a chance to speak up or ask questions. The most memorable meeting for me was when we decided to forego the Bible study and just hear salvation testimonies. One member in particular shared quite in-depth and we were able to understand her and her background so much better.

Last week, Juan and Tawni Garcia came to facilitate a spiritual exercise through photos. In step one, each of us were asked to choose a picture that spoke to our hearts and then share with the group why it was meaningful. Many deep feelings were expressed through this exercise, some positive and others more painful. Everyone was wonderfully transparent. In step two, the photos were collected and turned face down. We were asked to pray and choose a photo by the leading of the Holy Spirit (i.e. without looking at it). When it was your turn, you showed the group the photo still keeping it hidden from yourself. Those who received an impression or word from the Lord shared what they were sensing based on the picture you had chosen. When they finished speaking you were allowed to view the photo. In both steps many words of hope and encouragement from the Lord were given. It was very uplifting!

Tim & Marilyn Parks

Tim & Marilyn Parks

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