Who deserves our time, 100 people or 1 person?PM-DVI Prison

Report from Deuel Vocational Institute Mens’ Prison in Tracy. 

I had 120 Spec. Protective Custody men by myself for almost 3 hours yesterday. Now I’m bragging on God, not me…..I did a lesson on Communication and the Holy Spirit kept their attention and constant participation for all that time. We discussed speaking toxic words or life giving words over each other. Over half of the men shared and talked. I broke them up into groups for discussion and they (almost all) participated. It was a miracle. The Chaplain even said she couldn’t believe what God was doing as she watched the men.

One example of a miracle that happened was near the beginning when one man made a suggestion to another man that he didn’t know and the 2nd man responded in a really rude way. All eyebrows went up…I commented that here was a good example of how communication can be tricky and turn bad really quickly. At the end of our time together, nearly 3 hours later, the man who had made the rude comment to the 1st guy in the beginning stood up and apologized in front of the other 120 men for his rude remark. We had been talking about how to turn around aggressive language and body language. When the man apologized the chapel broke out in applause. A Miracle!  The power of God’s love is all over this. We can’t do anything without Him….nothing.

Report from Santa Rita Jail this morning:

Another miracle happened this morning….I was really tired from yesterday; but had planned to go into Santa Rita jail.
PM-SR jailI was thinking in my selfish little mind, “Why go to SR to see maybe 5 people when you can go to DVI and spend your time teaching 120 at a time?” I did have enough sense to pray and ask God what His will was. He made it quite clear that any 5 or 1 was truly as important as any 120. So I went expecting God to do more miracles. I was sent to a women’s maximum unit; and at first when the “Bible Study” announcement was made no one came…and the Deputy was saying “No takers, huh”! But then we notice ONE women in a pod (disciplinary pod) all by herself with her Bible in hand, asking to come.

Guess what…it was another divine appointment. She had just recently made the decision on her own to stop her gay lifestyle and come back to the God she had been raised to believe in. She was so excited and ready to be in the Word. She had lots of questions and we went through the Word and prayed and she now had hope for her future life. The things we got to discuss could not have been done in any large group.

The power of God’s love for one is profound….He left the 99 to go and find the one….thank you, Jesus!!