Bryce McKee | Elijah Merrell

Bryce McKee | Elijah Merrell

Lots of people ask me about original music.  While there is not a complete collection of original music from our church yet, we do have a number of talented song/music writers.  Some of them are amazing young people.  I am always inspired by what God is doing in and through our young people.  I see such a strong gifting being poured out across this generation of worshippers.

There are more tools and resources available to our young people today, which provide an outlet for their creative and talented musical gifts.  We are blessed to have a couple of these talented young people on our team.  Elijah Merrell and Bryce McKee have been stretching their musical abilities for the past few years and have written a number of songs, including “Lift Your Name Higher.”

“Lift Your Name Higher” proclaims the anthem of a life that has been changed by the grace of our God.  I love the powerful message this song tells of how God remakes and reshapes our lives.

So if you like to create music, don’t limit yourself.  Find new ways to generate and create what God has planted deep inside of you.

Look for our team to lead this song in the near future.