We’ve all been there.  For whatever reason we’ve found ourselves facing tragedy, trial and the road is rough; even painful.  It is easy for us to lose sight of the Master and turn our eyes to our problems.

Jesus-walking-on-waterI’m reminded of Peter’s few and blissful moments walking on water (Matthew 14:22-32). Right when we’ve summed up enough courage to ask to join Jesus on the water, we jump out on the rolling seas.  We’ve forgotten that every step of faith calls us to the uncomfortable and unknown.  So there we are; fully committed to our choice and yet the storm still rages.  I imagine that with every rolling wave, the sight of Jesus fell in and out of Peter’s vision.  While he strained to keep sight of the Savior, his eyes fell to rolling waves.

Are we not the same?

Do we not also fail to keep our eyes steadfast on the one who can  save us, who will enable our steps to defy the laws of nature?

When we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus we realize that we can walk through any storm, any trial.  Jesus_Walking_on_Water“For the Lord is… He is able. He is faithful. Higher than the mountains that I face.”  Our God is On the Throne. He holds every season of our lives in His hands and walks with us through any trial.  If you are finding yourself in a season of rolling waves, keep your eyes on Jesus.  He is on the throne and reigns over all!

Worshipping with you,

Pastor Jason


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